14 March 2007

The New Me

May 22, 2006 -> March 14, 2007

Err...a lot of months in between. My Maths is bad.

I think I've changed.
Waist grew wider, for the obvious. Mind grew a little mature, for the discreet.
I'm a full-fledge working, ahem... woman.
Driving to Damansara myself, buying shoes on my own(no need approval from Mom anymore! ha!), visit the hair saloon alone, pumping petrol on my own..on my own, on my own, on my own.

Environment's changing too.
Audrey left me, thats drastic. Earth's getting hotter. My neighbour's daughter can now count till 10.

Oh, I need money to get another tattoo.
I plan to win FlyFM's end-bit. The cash now stands at $9700.
I can have a dragon-tiger-phoenix tattoo with hebrew inscription all around, that can make Angelina cry.