18 May 2008

I came, I saw and I hunted

My first ever treasure hunt - Philip Morris Return to Treasure Island, 2008 at Tioman Island.

Even though we didn't win, (should have expected it when we were up against veteran treasure-hunters!), we did have plenty of wholesome fun! Tired, bruised, hungry - we did make it to the checkpoint in Tg. Gemuk on time. (We were among the last five to arrive, actually. (lol!))

Gotta give my thumbs up to the PMM comittee for organizing such a fab event, especially the after hunt event- dinner cum party at the Berjaya Tioman's own Bali Hai Restaurant. To actually see my serious, no-frills colleagues, letting their hair down dancing the night away with free flow of booze was indeed a welcoming sight. (These people can actually partay)
And you know what the best part was? Moi won a Ducati cap in a "who has the longest cucumber" game! Aye!
(Me and Woman was pulled on stage unexpectedly by Trutz... "Ladies, come on, be a sport. Join me..." Can you say no to the marketing MD?)

-Michelle is proud of her sexy tan after lazing on the beach for the whole of Saturday-

07 May 2008

7th May '08

  • I see the beginning signs of flu.
  • My handphone is awfully quiet.
  • I have a terrible headache.
  • I'm going treasure-hunting on Friday.
-Gawd damn. Michelle feels miserable-

06 May 2008

Building Bridges

-Michelle reminisces about little Sofia-