28 July 2005

~1Utama Shopping Experience~

[my tomato basil chicken fetuccini] - notice the very-cute bread ears!

[a closed-up shot]

[Aud's pan fried fish fillet with lemon sauce]

27 July
The Mega Sales has started (runnin into Day 5) 'n' today got no class; apa lagi? pi shopping-la! Weeeeee.....

Off we went, me & Aud to 1Utama-(It's all in one) =). Dressed in flat sandals, I was prepared to do some real Heavy walking. We scanned floor-by-floor, shop-by-shop not wanting to miss any great bargains. Posters of 50% to 70% were plastered outside of most shops. Aaaahhh....what a heavenly sight!

Padini & Vincci- great discounts, MNG- season clearance, a lot of FUNKY clubbing clothes, FCUK- up to 80% discount!, Somerset Bay- 50% off on all those silky, beaded scarfs,aaahhhh....., ELLE- 50% off on exercise outfits (if you're disciplined enough to join Celebrity Fitness, do come here =P), East India- 50% off on summer dresses!

One particular shop, that I particularly like was the WH shop.They sell a variety of beach wear; from assorted colourful floral beach bags to assorted hawaiian spaghetti tops in every colour of the rainbow! W-O-W! A great place to go, if you're heading out to Redang or something. Unfortunately, this shop isn't into the sales carnival bug. Was so so tempted to buy a mini, hot, floral beach shorts, but it was rather expensive. :-<

Another particular shop that I like was Message. Why? Because I fell in love with the cropped jackets that they have! The oh-so-feminine knitted, cropped jackets, with a knitted flower on the left-hand-side, and it comes in the sweetest colour one could imagine; turquoise, candy pink & ocean blue!

Another particular shop that I like, is............................... i forgot the name (",). They sell all kinds of ethnic beaded attire. With all the current-rage, of the Bohemian look, I just fell in love with their gypsy skirt! Oh-so-beautiful! I asked, the salesgirl, how much it was, she replied:

Salesgirl: $110 after discount.

I walked out of the shop with my head bowed down and a glum look on my face. =(

Anyway, after 3 1/2 hours of walking, we decided to have dinner first and also to give our poor legs a rest. Aud wanted to try TGIF, so there it is we went.Waiters n waitresses there are super-friendly! Worth paying them the 10% service charge.The waitress who served us was Leanne, she came, shooked our hands, introduced herself and took our orders. Quite often she came to our table and checked on us, to make sure the food and everything was alright. And as we were leaving, EVERYONE in the restaurant, flashed a big smile and said "Goodbye, please come again" to us. See, how friendly?

After dinner, we shopped some more until 10pm. Where, the shops were officially closed! Hehe.....

*to be continued*

27 July 2005

VLSI - true/false

["ham chin pang" for supper]

26 July
Very tiring day; VLSI midterm tonight. Stayed in campus from 1pm-9pm. Was feelin cold, sleepy & tired throughout the 8 hours. But......... managed to pull thru.
Even had the opportunity to have supper~! Weee~!

But, the main agenda of the day wasnt my supper. It was something, far, far beyond that. Aud Aud found out that Kenneth went to visit her blog, and even drop some comments. Can u imagine that? Kenneth Foo (Chief Technology Officer), Netinfinium Cooperation. Big-shot CTO of a rising E-business company, got time to check out Aud's blog.
eeeeeeee...................... jealous~!

21 July 2005

A Funny Swimming session

[ Pizza for supper; courtesy from my housemate]
After days & days of whining and pestering by Miss Audrey, saying that she wants to go swimming, we Finally went today.
Lucky for us, we had the W-H-O-L-E pool to ourselves for quite some time. In other words, gave ample chance to audrey to practise-la. =P
The usual happen.
Audrey: Got water go in my nose.
I cant hold my breathe.
Dunno why my body can't float.
I cant do it. So hard.
I swallowed water.
I forgot how to float.
My leg cramp after doing the frog-swim.
After all those wacko phrases, the last one got even funnier. She got hiccups while learning how to frog-swim. How funny can she get?!


[ this picture speaks of me ]

20 July 2005

Orange County

[coffee milkshake bun for lunch]

Due to staring at the computer for the whole day, research-ing for my FYP, I simply had to get away from reading 'NiFe & their hard axis magnetization' to keep my sanity. So what I do? Watch the finale of The OC Season2.

This episode was far far better than the finale in Season 1. They showed how each characther has grown & developed throughout the 2 seasons. It was a good choice, ending the season by showing Kirsten battling alcohol-addiction. All along, Kirsten was the goody-goody one, a perfect corporate woman & mother. It was a tearjerker seeing how her loved ones slowly yet painfully, letting her go, for rehab. (Yeap, mic mic cried.....) Sandy, Seth, Ryan n Haley; all of them did marvelouslly in expressing their sadness. I love Sandy the best. No matter how much, Kirsten shouted, screamed n fight back at him, he patiently consoled n advised her, telling her he will be waiting at the door with open arms once she step out of her rehab.
He also said:

"I love you very much, Kirsten."

(I cried again...)

After Caleb's death, Jimmy came back for the funeral, and so after some intimate encouters, Julie got reunited with him. This means the Cooper family is back! Jimmy, Julie, Marissa & Kaitlin - the same old dysfunctional family we know from Season 1.

Ryan finally knew that Trey forced himself on Marissa. As u know, the usual old-school Ryan Atwood went and bashed up Trey. Boxing, kicking, punching, Ryan was at the losing end. After lots of pushing and broken furniture, Trey was strangling him till his face turned blue. Unable to stop them, Marissa took a gun n fired at Trey. B-A-N-G!

The End.

(A rather climax-ing scene to end, huh? )
Cant wait for The OC Season-3!! Weee!!

19 July 2005

Rainy history

[Bread for lunch]
Today was the first time in history, I carried an umbrella and walked under the rain to campus. Got my jeans & my bag wet, some mud on my toes and a dripping-with-water umbrella to carry around classes. Sad, huh?
It has been raining quite frequent in Cyber this days, this makes michelle very very S-L-E-E-P-Y.
Becos of the very odd-hour classes, I walked a total of 3 times to campus today, to-and-fro, and to again. Luckily, after my last class, ma very-kind housemate offered me a lift back. =)
3 times to campus, makes it all-together a 20-min walk. Wonder how many calories i lost today? Another itsy-bitsy-tiny-little step in achieving my sunken cheeks.
Kekekeke =D

p/s: I would like to share this interesting link Audrey sent me. I've not only fallen for its inspiring messages, but also it's b/ground music. Wait till i put it up in my own blog!


18 July 2005

Miss Grumpy

Monday is THE worst day of the week. I prefer to call it black-Monday. Classes start at 9am and ends at 7pm. Drag myself up from bed at 730am ....................> keep asking Aud to pinch me to keep myself awake till 7pm. By 7pm, i'll look like one of those zombies in Batman Begins after being infected with poisonus material. Hungry, puffy eyes, tired, lethargic, sleepy & bored.

Therefore, i officially declare Monday as Grumpy Michelle Day. Dont say I didn't warn u....

Pork knuckles

[pork knuckles]

16 July

I had this unusual dish at a seafood restaurant in Aman Suria(some high-class residential area). Its called Casis Seafood Restaurant. What's so unusual about this dish is that, the pork knuckles go thru a 4-step cooking process. Grill, Stew, Steam & Fried. Unique-leh? Hehehehe....
The result = the meat was very very tender and the dipping sauce that comes with it taste like asam sauce. Perfecto? Not bad-la, something different.

Went to watch Fantastic 4 yesterday. IMHO, I think F4 is better than WoTW. Contrary to majority-belief, it's not that kiddy-la. Firstly, Chris Evans has very very, i repeat very gorgeous abs. The scene where he was just clad in a pink-ski sweater is ooh-la-la! Secondly, Jessica Alba is SiZZling siZZlinG hot~! Wavy Blonde hair, attractive assets, big sexy hazel-eyes -> the perfect person to take on Sue Storm. The movie's funny too. So, it aint that bad. Didn't regret my 9 bucks.

14 July 2005

The mYsterY is solved~!

[Biscuits for tea]

Remember the case of my Missing tee?

Well, well...it has been found! Weeeeee~!!!
My roommate sms-ed me, saying that she saw my tee downstairs near the entrance of my block, then i showed the sms to chee tat, then instantly, he said he helped me go downstairs to look for it. Maybe he felt guilty for not helping me earlier.... =P
And guess what? He came back with my red-flower tee! Although a little bit dirty, im glad that it finally came back to me. My mum's gift, you know?

13 July 2005

Saddened by the loss of my Tee

One of my baby-tee flew away from my balcony on Monday afternoon. A freakish storm landed Cyberjaya with horrible horrible strong wind. Unfortunately, I wasn't at home. Was in campus cos of classes. The saddest thing is, that particular baby-tee was a gift from Mum.

13 July
Stayed at home the entire day. Finishing up my lab report & FYP. Lonely, bored and lethargic. There really isn't any life here in Cyberjaya, ya know? Isolated, desserted, crappy food, dumbass security guards...... Sick!
Oh well, probably Im not one of those happening-popular girls whose lives are filled with manicures, DOME's chocolate banana shake & shoe-shopping.

I opened Audrey's birthday card-took so long becos it was hidden under some junk- The first thing that catches my eye was the big golden words on the front side.

" A special birthday wish for my best friend "

Aint that sweet? She found a bestfren birthday card. Inside, she wrote 1 long story about our friendship together for 10 years complete with kiddy pictures. Aint that double sweet?
~*Love her lots!*~

12 July 2005

A daY to IndulgE & FeAsT

~indulge I~

~indulge II~

~indulge III~

8 JULY 2005

Today is my birthday; after 22 yrs of living in this planet call Earth.
As you grow older, birthdays don't mean as much as what they do when you're little. When I was small, Mum used to shower me with zillions of hugs & kisses. Dad would buy me all the different types & colours of 'masak-masak' appliances. Life tends to be less complex & stressful when you're in a single-digit age, you know?

I had my birthday dinner at Saisaki Restaurant. A Japanese buffet restaurant. As it was my birthday, I have every reason to indulge & feed myself to-the-brim rite? It was my first-time there, so the new environment makes it more interesting. The restaurant was packed. Tonnes of food; exotic snails-sushi+sashimi-tempura-ramen +miso soup-grill ham-cawan mushi-konyaku jelly-ice cream ........(are you drooling yet? >:D)

Anyway, Happy 22nd Birthday to myself~! I would like 2 quote Kennedy's birthday wish here, "Hope all the good things will come to me"

08 July 2005

HaPPy BirThday~!

8th July 2005:

"Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go shawty
It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
We gon' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday "

It's my Birthday!

07 July 2005

Audrey's Surprise Pre-Birthday Celebration

[Like a scene from Exorcist-me peering looking for clues]

[My 1st birTHday caKe for the year]
Last night, 6 July 2005:
Eventhough I was feeling grumpy for the past couple of days-for personal reasons-, plus the ever-piling workload of FYP, tutorials and lab report, Audrey still made the effort and gang-up with Irene & Grace to hold a surprise pre-birthday celebration for me.This is what 10yrs of friendship truly means. I was touched from the bottom of my heart.
It all started on Monday afternoon:

Audrey: Mic, r u free on Wed?
Me : Wai?
Audrey: Cannot ask izzit?
Me : Can... at the moment i'm free.
Audrey: Can i date u on Wed?
Me : Wai?
Audrey: Cannot date u izzit?
Me : Can.... =)

Then on Wednesday afternoon:

Audrey: Mic, can i come to ur hse later?
Me : Wai?
Audrey: Cannot come izzit?
Me : Can..
Audrey: I'll be very bored later. My hsemates r goin to play bball.
Me : Y dont u follow them?

Then the internet connection was cut off. Conversation disrupted.
Around 830pm, Grace called me on the phone.

Grace: Hey, Mic...I am going to Audrey's hse to choose clothes for tmr n also discuss how r we goin to do our hair, wad earrings to wear....do you wan2 come along?
Me : Errr.....im kinda lazy.
Grace: Come la...it will be fun.
Me : Err...i gotta do my log book. Tmr gonna c my FYP supervisor.
Grace: La...come la, it'll only take a short while. I have tutorials to do too.
Me : Errr...ok la.
Grace: Cool! C u down there at 930.

When me & Grace, reached her house, (got some slight delay of doors banging n me shouting frantically to Audrey to open the door), Audrey and her housemates burst out into a birthday song with Ah Bee holding a Beautiful birthday cake with 22 lighted candles. (Come to think of it, I've never sing a birthday song to Audrey, and Audrey does it every year. Bad me....)
Awwwww.....Me was speechless. They even bought me cheesecake. My favourite!

The surprise wasnt over yet. Audrey and Irene, planned a game of 'Treasure HUnt' as part of the celebration. Me, Grace, Henry & Ah Bee were each given clues and the person to find the 'treasure' the fastest will win. It was a chaotic situation. Shouting soon ensued with crying and beating. I twisted and turned my body to peer into every nook & corner looking for my next clue. Apparently, the birthday girl doesnt get any privilege in this. Grace won. The 'treasure' was a super-duper big packet of Mr.Potatoes.

Ahhh....what a wonderful night it was. Sometimes, it's the little things that people do that make you melt. Thank You to all who made my day yesterday. =)

[My NaSi gOreng kamPung]

[Aud's fiery hot tOm yAm]

06 July 2005

Buns to die for

[Gina's sweet & sour chicken]

After a late evening class of Basic Law, me and ma girls decided to go have dinner together. As usual, we were asking one other:

Gina: Where & what do you all want to eat?
Aud: Anywhere
Me: Anything
Gina: In cyberia or go out?
Aud & Me: Ummmm.......

(....still undecided...)

Gina: What do you all feel like eating?
Aud: Dunno. The driver decide-la! (while turning her head to look at me)
Me: I'm invisible. Don't look at me.

(after a few moments....)

Aud: How about the bus stop?
Gina & Me: Yay! Ok, cool!

And there you have it. The 3 respective dishes that we ate.
Something good happen to me today. I saw a Rotiboy on my table after coming home from classes. Aaahhhh....what a sweet roomate I have. I assumed it must be her. Couldnt wait for her to come back to clarify. Eat first! Weeeeee........

~*How am I going to succeed in toning my cheeks with my glutton-ny attitude?~*

05 July 2005

I feel like having ice-cream, thats why....

You Are Strawberry Ice Cream
A bit shy and sensitive, you are sweet to the core.
You often find yourself on the outside looking in.
Insightful and pensive, you really understand how the world works.
You are most compatible with chocolate chip ice cream.

War of The Worlds

[Grill fish]
Had mash potato for appetizer & grill fish for main course. Salmon was a wee bit too expensive, opted for pacific dory instead. Not as smooth & sweet as salmon flesh, but the plain ol' dory suited me just fine -a wee bit too oily though-. Dessert was jumbo size Apple juice. Healthy leh?

Watched WOtW. Gave it a shot at the cinema because it's a Steven Speilberg movie. Gotta give respect to that ol' man. Bad Choice.1stly, 2 movie tickets cost 23 bucks(+1 buck for online booking) -which means 1 ticket = 11 bucks-. A movie at 5.05pm at MidValley cost 11 bucks. Ridiculous! The rise of petrol really hit us hard, eh?

Went in, seated, munched on a large combo of Caramel popcorn (Rod's idea >:D). Show started with a freakish storm with lightning that keeps hitting on the same spot. [Gotta give praise to the CGI effects. Superb!] That activated hundreds of tripods aka Aliens terrorizing Los Angelos while zapping humans into ashes. Tom & Dakota & 1 young guy running n running. Millitary couldnt hurt the tripods because they have shields. Wuuuuuu..... Next moment- no more sheild- Tom realiazes- told millitary "Look at the goddamn birds!"- millitary shot tripods- tripods went down- alien oozes out 20 gallons of orange soda then die. I hear you. Huh, u say? Yeah, huh here too.

Btw, i saw 2 real-life models in the Mvalley toilet. I know they were, because they were Exceptionally gorgeous & i remembered seeing their faces plastered all over on Cleo. They look 10,000 times more beautiful in person. Big round eyes, sharp nose, long thin legs, to-die-for hairstyle, branded wear from head-to-toe....you get the point, rite?

Tequila Salmon

From Weber's Big Book of Grilling
In this rousing dish, bright citrus and classic seasonings do a hat dance with tequila around firm marinated salmon.

(Heat location, temperature: Direct/Medium)
For the marinade:
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
3 tablespoons tequila
1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon minced jalapeno pepper, with seeds
1 teaspoon granulated garlic
1 teaspoon kosher salt
1 teaspoon ground cumin
4 salmon fillets (with skin), about 6 ounces each and 1 inch thick
For the dressing:
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
4 handfuls mixed salad greens (3 to 4 ounces)
1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves, divided

To make the marinade: In a small bowl whisk together the marinade ingredients.
Place the salmon fillets in a large, resealable plastic bag and pour in the marinade. Press the air out of the bag and seal tightly. Turn the bag to distribute the marinade, place in a bowl, and refrigerate for 30 to 45 minutes.
To make the dressing: In a large bowl whisk together the dressing ingredients. Set aside until ready to serve.
Remove the fillets from the bag and discard the marinade. Grill the salmon, flesh side down, over Direct Medium heat until you can lift the fillets with tongs without them sticking to the grate, 7 to 8 minutes. Turn, skin side down, and finish cooking for 2 to 3 minutes more. Slide a spatula between the skin and flesh and transfer the fillets to serving plates.
Toss the salad greens, tomatoes, and half of the cilantro in the dressing. Divide the greens among the serving plates, garnish the fillets with the remaining cilantro, and serve.

Makes 4 Servings ©2004 Weber-Stephen Products Co.