25 October 2008

somethings are meant not to be seen

Someone saw you with another woman. Skinny, tanned, long hair, petite one. I didn't want to believe. No, never would I believe.
Until, I saw. With my eyes I saw you with her. Laughing gayly without a worry in the world.

I knew this was coming. Sooner or later. To hold another woman in your arms. To have another woman breathe into your ears. To cuddle another woman in your embrace.

Why did we end up like this? Why did we changed?

I am blank.

I don't believe.

02 September 2008

The Smiling Man from the Lift

He was very quiet when he came. Who could blame him anyway? All the way from Argentina he came, to a land he knows no one. We seldom talked, partly I was arrogant and he... he was just shy. All I did was smile. And he smiled back.

I met him at the lift once by surprise. It was already 7.40pm.
  • "Why so late?" I asked.
  • "Its normal" he said flashing a big smile.
That smile. That cute, boyish smile that touched my heart.
We continued talking even for that mere 3 minutes before reaching the Basement. He told me about where he's living, his wife, his kids....

Two weeks later, I hear tragic news.


I regret I never smiled more.
I regret I never stopped to say Good Morning when I come to work.
I regret I never said How are you doing when I bumped into him at the pantry.
I regret I never talked to him longer in the lift.

Today, when I walk past his empty cubicle, tears start to well up...

-Michelle reminds herself to stop and tell the people around her; she loves them -

18 May 2008

I came, I saw and I hunted

My first ever treasure hunt - Philip Morris Return to Treasure Island, 2008 at Tioman Island.

Even though we didn't win, (should have expected it when we were up against veteran treasure-hunters!), we did have plenty of wholesome fun! Tired, bruised, hungry - we did make it to the checkpoint in Tg. Gemuk on time. (We were among the last five to arrive, actually. (lol!))

Gotta give my thumbs up to the PMM comittee for organizing such a fab event, especially the after hunt event- dinner cum party at the Berjaya Tioman's own Bali Hai Restaurant. To actually see my serious, no-frills colleagues, letting their hair down dancing the night away with free flow of booze was indeed a welcoming sight. (These people can actually partay)
And you know what the best part was? Moi won a Ducati cap in a "who has the longest cucumber" game! Aye!
(Me and Woman was pulled on stage unexpectedly by Trutz... "Ladies, come on, be a sport. Join me..." Can you say no to the marketing MD?)

-Michelle is proud of her sexy tan after lazing on the beach for the whole of Saturday-

07 May 2008

7th May '08

  • I see the beginning signs of flu.
  • My handphone is awfully quiet.
  • I have a terrible headache.
  • I'm going treasure-hunting on Friday.
-Gawd damn. Michelle feels miserable-

06 May 2008

Building Bridges

-Michelle reminisces about little Sofia-

08 April 2008

Rage is never a Reason

  • out of control
  • a servant
  • a puppy dog
  • no education
What will you get if you combined all the above?
Have you ever stop and think what impact will it bring; even it’s just mere words? To shout, scream and point accusingly like a crazy man; have you no respect for her?
  1. To call her someone with no education – when she graduated with 2nd upper Hons. degree.
  2. Think of that someone on the streets loafing, high on drugs, whoring – that at least you have a chance to call no education!
  3. To call her a servant and puppy dog – when all she did was on her own free-will
  4. To say she is out of control – when all she did was doing something she is HAPPY doing
  5. To be afraid of what the relatives say – when the relatives did not even contribute to her growing up. And her own cousin dropped out of Uni because she was pregnant! And you’re afraid of relatives’talk?
  6. To ask her what is the meaning of DIGNITY – when she has a band 4 in MUET and has always aced A1 in English?
  7. To say she has abandoned you – when girls of her age are either married or pregnant
  8. To say she has no respect – when she has never once raise her voice nor be rude nor be sarcastic and has obediently paid her expenses?

Life is too short to think about what people would say. Just as long as you’re happy and you’re not breaking the law, don’t stop doing what you like doing – this is what she believes. Stop and look at the bigger picture – realize what she has grown up to be. Realize what she has achieved, what she has learnt.

To accuse her, to blame her, to raise your voice at her – that is just too much for her to swallow. You've gone too far.

06 April 2008

Celebrity Sightings

I am often starstrucked by the slightest appearance of celebrities - yes, even local celebrities. They have a term for people like me; ja kun ;)

By far, those sighted include:

  1. David Beckham at Stadium ..... (damn, I can't remember!) for some Castrol event
  2. Soong Ai Ling at Nirvanas, Bangsar

  3. Asha Gill at Bangsar post office

  4. Nur Fazura at The Street, Curve

  5. Sazzy Falak at MidValley

  6. Pietro at Curve

  7. Denise Keller at Sg Wang plaza
And just yesterday, my latest sighting - Amy Mastura at Nirvanas, Bangsar. I was sitting at the same table with her, her hubby, 2 kids and a maid having banana leaf rice together. Ashamed to say, I went "OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm having banana leaf with Amy!" under my breath.

-Michelle agrees that Amy looks as sweet as peach even in-real-life-

Amazing KL

You don't have to go far to get magnificent views. A scene taken from KLCC on 1st April during the horrible rainstorm that struck.

-Michelle was stuck in a 2hr jam to get back home from Pusat Bandar Damansara-

01 April 2008

BIG-hearted people

“Recently, the group organised its 102nd fundraiser at Guinness Anchor Breweries, which was attended by about 250 people who donated generously to 15-year-old Premeena Balakrishnan who lost her kidneys three years ago.
A sum of RM12,000 was raised for Premeena on that evening amid music and a buffet dinner.” (1 April 2008, NST)

Drink booze all you want and get to help a kid. Cool?
(The kind folks at the recent fund raising event)

-Michelle is proud of her bulat-

29 March 2008

Little Sofia

I am not your average, run-of-the-mill woman that you'd see at Carrefour. Women of that kind have a same common purpose - to breed and continue the bloodline. To unleash their motherly instincts that has long been sown in them.
I dislike kids. I can't bring myself to do baby talk when I see small kids. I can't go, "Oh, so nice. Cleeever boy" when all that brat did was scribbled a wiggle. I don't understand the joy of having a kid who is loud, obnoxious, naughty and talks back. I still don't.

Not till last Thursday. I joined some kind strangers from PMI to visit an orphanage in Chow Kit road; Rumah Nur Salam. This home is partly sponsored by PMI and it shelters abandoned kids of sex-workers (Chow Kit road? how appropriate).
The moment I got there, I was greeted by young boys and girls, rushing to give me salam. I was surprised by their lack of shyness knowing that they are seeing me for the first time. There they come, queuing, touching my hand gently against their forehead. (My first aaw-moment)
Everyone there was very obedient and well mannered unlike those rascals you see at Mid Valley. Spoiled by their ignorant rich parents I'd say. Kid from this home has no parents and some not even schooled. And yet, they know their Ps & Qs.
Then there was little Sofia. I don't know why, but this little girl was fondly attached to me. I didn't do anything but yet she just came to me. She came, held on to my hand and pulled me wherever she went.
"Kakak, nak main" (pointing to the snakes + ladders)
"Kak, makan sama-sama"
"Saya dah abis lukis, kakak"
(My second aaw-moment) We had so much fun together that , shit, I was actually going to cry when it was time for me to go.

Sofia might have forgotten about me by now. And she may never know that I wrote this for her; but Sofia, I wish you happiness and joy always. She is still too young to understand the hardships she is going to face but I wish you strength, Sofia.
Till I see you again in 3 months time.

No child deserves to be abandoned. Every child deserves to be brought up with love, care and attention. Do the right thing - use a condom.

-Michelle still prefers having a German Shepherd to keep her company. At least, she won't talk back-

20 January 2008

The perils of an Equipment Engineer

Dear Sender,

Currently I am being fucked by all my supervisors for the crash of a test platform that I have not even been handling ever. I will be out of office and will be entrapped between piles of testers in the production floor enduring my constants phones calls from Darth Vader and Darth Maul.

I will attend to your mails once the sore surrounding my arse reduces and I am able sit back down on my office chair.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

(If you reach up to this stage in your auto reply mails, you'll know you're going up)

(Next PMT is waiting for you, baby)