09 July 2007

--2 dozen years old--

Cake #1 - simplicity

Cake #2 - note Chinese version of 'michelle'

Cake #3 - sugary+creamy


Some people like it grand and loud, some people like it quiet and intimate. I remembered a couple of years back, when I was still studying, an "overly-concern" housemate organized a big get-together for my birthday. There were over 20+ people- some of whom I only know their surname, a big cake and plenty of Coke. A matter of fact speaking, none of them were there for my birthday. There were small cliques in every corner of the house, each of them engrossed in their own gossip for the day. I, on the other hand, had to put on a fake smile for pictures and 'entertain' them. It ended up with me having a 5cm-long cake, which I can hardly make out what flavour it was and a huge mess to clean up.

Nah, I don't even like people singing birthday songs for me. When you're surrounded and all eyes are on you, I tend to picture myself as a lamb surrounded by singing wolves. Birthdays can be traumatic in the wrong circle of friends.

I'm blessed to have 3 cakes this year (maybe 4, since Audrey is coming home) and yes, I insist on having the biggest piece. (to thriple confirm the flavour) But I like the cake Mom&Dad got me, best. It's no fancy schmancy belgian chocolate coated or decorated with imported Arabian espresso beans. Just a simple, round shaped, classic baked cheesecake. And even better, it's not mass-baked from one of those government-taxed franchises. You have to call and order from an old, rustic coffeeshop in Klang town where the waiters are old enough to be your grandpa.
Thanks for the sms-es, thanks for the calls, thanks for the cakes, thanks for the singing. (yea, can never escape the wolf-singing-lamb experience)

Even though it was different for the first time in 5 years, enjoyed I did.

Simplicity at its best:
Chong Kok Kopitiam, opposite Klang komuter station