29 March 2008

Little Sofia

I am not your average, run-of-the-mill woman that you'd see at Carrefour. Women of that kind have a same common purpose - to breed and continue the bloodline. To unleash their motherly instincts that has long been sown in them.
I dislike kids. I can't bring myself to do baby talk when I see small kids. I can't go, "Oh, so nice. Cleeever boy" when all that brat did was scribbled a wiggle. I don't understand the joy of having a kid who is loud, obnoxious, naughty and talks back. I still don't.

Not till last Thursday. I joined some kind strangers from PMI to visit an orphanage in Chow Kit road; Rumah Nur Salam. This home is partly sponsored by PMI and it shelters abandoned kids of sex-workers (Chow Kit road? how appropriate).
The moment I got there, I was greeted by young boys and girls, rushing to give me salam. I was surprised by their lack of shyness knowing that they are seeing me for the first time. There they come, queuing, touching my hand gently against their forehead. (My first aaw-moment)
Everyone there was very obedient and well mannered unlike those rascals you see at Mid Valley. Spoiled by their ignorant rich parents I'd say. Kid from this home has no parents and some not even schooled. And yet, they know their Ps & Qs.
Then there was little Sofia. I don't know why, but this little girl was fondly attached to me. I didn't do anything but yet she just came to me. She came, held on to my hand and pulled me wherever she went.
"Kakak, nak main" (pointing to the snakes + ladders)
"Kak, makan sama-sama"
"Saya dah abis lukis, kakak"
(My second aaw-moment) We had so much fun together that , shit, I was actually going to cry when it was time for me to go.

Sofia might have forgotten about me by now. And she may never know that I wrote this for her; but Sofia, I wish you happiness and joy always. She is still too young to understand the hardships she is going to face but I wish you strength, Sofia.
Till I see you again in 3 months time.

No child deserves to be abandoned. Every child deserves to be brought up with love, care and attention. Do the right thing - use a condom.

-Michelle still prefers having a German Shepherd to keep her company. At least, she won't talk back-