23 April 2006

Michelle eats @ SOULed OUT.

Good eh?

Belum makan, sudah burrppp....

Saturday night dinner.

Lively atmosphere with outspoken waiters, constantly shouting to greet you. =)
The noise level there is almost deafening! But in a good way, of course; the constant cheering of goals, laughter, chitty-chatty, bells(!), yes bells!

Appetizer: summertime salad
lettuce, cherry tomatoes, alfafa bean sprouts, beets, mandarin oranges, sprinkled with extra virgin olive oil, topped with grilled fish, prawns +calamari. Ooooh!

Main Course: beefed out pizza
pepperoni, , chunks of ground beef, raisins with mozarella, on top of a thin wooden-baked crust! Yum!

Mocktail: Pussy foot (yea, i know it sounds funny)
concoction of mango+pineapple+orange+strawberry juice. Slurrp!

Finish up with a mug of good ol' Heineken.

21 April 2006

The 4 Men in my life

Dedicated to the ones I simply adore.

1. Josh Harnett
I first saw him in Pearl Harbour and ever since, I've never managed to let go off him. His eyes, oh his eyes. Piercing & mesmerizing. And what beautiful abs.
What's disappointing: Currently dating Britain's Most Beautiful Woman, Scarlett Johansson.

2. Heath Ledger
My first time watching him in Casanova has really charmed my heart out of me. Such a manly jaw-line, and yes, piercing eyes as well. Though watching him in Brokeback Mountain, kissing Jake, has got me a little queasy. But thats what they call professionalism in acting, aight?
What's disappointing: Engaged to Michelle Williams and a daddy to a beautiful daughter.

3. Tony Leung Chiu Wai
I have been idolizing him since I was just 2-inches tall. But I personally think, his years of age is making him even more irresistable. Eeee... his moustache makes him so yau yeng! And not to forget, he's a brillant actor. Watching him in Infernal Affairs has caused me many sleepless nights! He totally deserved the best actor award for that. What's disappointing: Dating Carina Lau for gawd-knows-how-long.

4. Donnie Yen
As a little girl, I used to watch him in kung-fu flicks, hee-yaking and hai-yaking, flying all over the place. Never really noticed him though... up until now. =)
Watching him in Seven Swords + SPL has got me oooh-ing and waaah-ing. Oooh so man! Waah so yau yeng. A quick search on google tells me he has great abs as well. hehe. He has the same martial arts background as Jet Li, is way way way more good-looking, has a body that Usher can be jealous of, and I wonder why he didn't make it big as Jet?
What's disappointing: Married and a father to a couple of kids.

19 April 2006

Vanity Paraded

After all the money-spending, accesories-picking, shoes-buying, clothes-choosing, facials+mani+pedi, the day has finally come, for it to be paraded all out.

14 April 2006
Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC).

With a little help from this,

and this,

and this,

I think I look presentable for prom.

Of all proms that I've went for the past 3 years, sadly to say, there isn't 1 prom that got me leaving with nothing but sweet memories. Everyone hoped that this year's would be the best, most fun, most exciting, most fantastic; I mean everyone would want to graduate, with happy prom memories rite? Sadly, none of the of the above mentioned qualities were even near-achieved.


  • they restrict us fom taking photos by saying "Go and sit down at your table NOW. No more taking pictures".
  • food arrived incredibly horribly late. not to mention, food standards was way x3 below PICC's par. I'm sure ministers+politicians don't get crappy food like we did.
  • food was dirty. some vommitted & some 'lao sai'.
  • this prom does not serve water. they expect us to hydrate ourselves with saliva.
  • too freaking many people. many of my friends were gone unnoticed drowned by the sea of unknowns.
  • they forced us out of PICC on the dot, airing unprofessional announcements over the PA system, such as "Go home and sleep". common sense, will tell you people aren't goin to leave so early rite? How many chances do u get in a lifetime to dress-up and take pictures?
  • they left Tun Mahathir staring at some freaky-plastic hand, when all the burnin action was happening behind him.

What's the point of boasting "The Biggest Ever Prom Held in MMU", when you can't meet basic prom requirements?

I don't regret the money I spend on getting pretty. But I loathe the $89 I spend on, to be treated with no respect, no dignity & no value.

13 April 2006

Vanity is Expensive

In the pursue of beauty & vanity, I spend $68 on my nails. Fingers and toes.
A rather big pinch on my wallet though. With $68, I can buy 2 reload cards or eat 27 double-cheese-burgers.

before ...


before ...


p/s: i have to admit i have old-lookin fingers & toes. this is due to the NUMEROUS dish-washing and clothes-washing. sigh.

09 April 2006

G O A L !

It was a beautiful game of football between United and Arsenal tonight.
Can you believe United has 16 shots on-target ? That will be enough to keep you on the edge of your seats!

But the highlight of the game, was definitely the goal by Park ji Sung. At the 78th minute, aided by Rooney, Park skillfully steered the ball to victory. It was a momentous moment. Everyone was celebrating. I was jumping. Moreover, the winning goal came from an Asian.

What I wan to highlight here is, when Park was substituted by Evra for a more defensive tactic, almost 70 000 people stood up in honour of him. The camera focused on the crowd - 70 000 people, standing up and clapping. So surreal.
At that moment, I had this weird but happy kinda feeling in me. I was proud. Honoured and estacticly joyous. To be proud that I am an Asian, and be proud that an Asian can command the respect & salute from 70 000 mat-sallehs.

Football is wonderful. It cuts across all boundaries; cultures, religions and races.
Joga bonito.

Park, you're my man.

08 April 2006


oh my oh my!
Audrey spoke to Daniel Lee online! Can you imagine? Speaking to your idol?
Eeek! Jealous.

Audrey is the 1 in black ink. Amethyst6218. Daniel is the 1 in green, of course. I purposely pick this part of conversation, cos Daniel said 'i love you' to her.
Aaaaww ...

How I wish if I have the exact same chance to speak to Heath Ledger.
Aaaahhhh ....

05 April 2006


Why are some people so plain dumbass & idiotic?
I believe the good Lord has given each and every one of us common sense. It's just that some people choose to ignore it, without realising its the only one damn thing that gives world peace!

I'm nanometers away from launching WW3 against whosoever that suggested the midterm date to be changed.

Why can't we finish the bloody midterm as fast as possible and be done with it? Do you think by postponing the midterm and giving u more time, u will get full marks? Oh, come on! U always have to be the number-One kiasu rite?

Fuck man ...

04 April 2006

- -

I broke 2 fingernails today!

03 April 2006

Michelle eats @ Bumbu Bali

Did you know that the area opposite Puchong Giant, is so developed & happening that it resembles Taipan?
Yea, who knows rite? It's so deserted and unstrategically located. Anyway, gotta give credit to this guy-la, he intro-ed that place to me, and yea, I have to admit this time he is more hap than me. Click here.
We saw this very uniquely-decorated place at a corner lot. Try imagine quaint umbrellas, teak chairs, figurines of Buddha, shiny twirling hanging things, wooden bowls & plates, artistic pictures and spurts of cold air added to that effect.
Of course, we are all attracted to nice things, so makan here-lo!
Bumbu Bali's speciality : sate lilit
Mixture of seafood & some other meat, wrapped on a serai stalk instead of the conventional sate stick.
Taste something different, a little spicy and the meat is totally infused with serai. Lovely!

Bumbu Bali's special concotion: Ais campur something

Sweet & milky kinda drink, mixed with cubed watermelon+honeydew at the base note, cubed nangka at the middle note and sago+sliced banana+pickled coconut at the top note.