25 May 2009

Boyfriend Application Form



What Would You do if...
  1. I pissed you off:
  2. I touched your ass:
  3. I dropped your Nikon D80:
  4. I got in a fight and you were there:
  5. I cried:

What Do You Think Of My...
  1. Clothes:
  2. Voice:
  3. Humor:
  4. Choice of music:
  5. Manners:


  1. Do you like the beach? if so, why
  2. Would you watch the movie that i picked even if you didnt want to?
  3. If we're not watching movie, what would we be doing?
  4. Would you give me kisses just because?
  5. How would you rate your hugs from 1-10?

Would You...
  1. Lie to make me feel better:
  2. Talk to your friends about me:
  3. Make a snack for me at 2 am:
  4. Keep a secret if I told you one:
  5. Love me unconditionally:

Position will be more favorable to Daniel Henney, Donnie Yen, Josh Hartnett or McSteamy. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified-
Reproduced from missy denise, D to da T

18 May 2009

Best Things in Life

Some kid named Hilary won an essay competition for penning an article on the matter above. I wonder what would a 17-yr old kid regard as what's best? Not that a 20-something girl would know what is best either...
I tell myself the best things are the ones that make you happy on the inside. No money spent, no effort made:

  1. waking up in DM's arms and then kick him for snoring
  2. finding a pack of Thai fried rice on the table after a horrible long night or should i say wee morning at work
  3. bro helping me to do the dishes
  4. when some Marketing big-shot actually say 'thank u' for the nights I spent designing that damn box
  5. a big bowl of ais kacang with unlimited peanuts! (okay, some money needed here...

*due credit given to ipohwav3 for image

Michelle is sleepy from a dark, gloomy Monday--