14 September 2005

Teapot cafe

Aunt Christine took us to this most amazing little cafe at SS2 over the weekend. It has the ambience of a typical old English-garden atmosphere. In fact, everything here is all English-y.
With a myriad of teapots in all shapes & sizes adorning its wall, country-style cushion sofa chairs, typical English cutlery (where you have different forks for salad, cake and fish) & oldies serenading your ears while tucking into their array of food - a cosy spot for tea-lovers.

Aaahhh....I've not even begun on their food.
They have the Best tea time savouries in their cutest little decorations! Oh, my "syurga"!

The scones.....
That white butter cream that comes with it.....
.*i cannot put it in words |",|.
Their variety of English tea.....*willard, peppermint, darjeeling, earl grey, etc

I'm gonna bring my mum here someday. I'm sure she will love it.
How about you?

08 September 2005


[F]inal [Y]ear [P]roject presentation

Scheduled on 7th Sept, Wednesday.
Took almost a week (+) to prepare my slides. Countless consultations with my supervisor and even more countless modification of my slides. Numerous attempts in Google looking for that darn image of NiFe. Spend 2 days memorizing&rehearsing in front of the mirror like a pop-idol wannabe. Received weird stares from my housemates.

7 Sept, Wednesday

10.00am - Arrived in campus in my ironed stripe-shirt + brown slacks +2inch stilletos.

10.30am - Saw another student's presentation.

11.00am - Went to the tentative venue, 1st Floor Meeting Room.

11.15am - Arrival of my supervisor & my groupmates.

11.20am - Presentation scheduled to start. (moderator no where to be seen). Supervisor went out to look for moderator.

11.45am - Supervisor: "
*Pant....pant...The moderator isn't here. I can't find him. Are you all free tomorrow? Can you come and present tomorrow?"

11.47am -
(*contemplating suicide)

04 September 2005

Lake Michie

We went on a adventure today in search of new discoveries!
And look what we found!
An undiscovered lake!


03 September 2005

Oompa loOmpa Invasion!

[**the chocolate river**]

*Willy Wonka,
Willy Wonka...

The Amazing Chocolatier.

Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka...
Everybody give a cheer!

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.
Initial thoughts was, this movie was way, way too kiddy for me. Turns out, I'm still a kid inside me. =D
The movie was Awesome, Sinfully delicious and it has THE most Addictive songs ever!
They have been stucked in my head ever since I came out from the cinema.

Come on now, everybody sing along....