08 June 2009

Somebody call 911

i don't know what's wrong with me. lately i've been feeling very frustrated. like all this pent-up restlessness and stress trapped in a balloon underwater, ready to blow up (funny it seem, i got that analogy from my PADI manual). i tried many ways to take my mind off it:
  • go watch a angels & demons
  • OD on killkenny
  • finish all levels in Supermarket Mania
  • started Cake Mania
  • puffed enough boxes of Avolution to lost count how many i smoke
  • shower my love & attention to a smelly schnauzer
  • sleep 13hours straight
  • waste $$ at borneo ink
  • watched nip/tuck at a lesbians club
  • .............

i'm still looking for something that works. damn.

not helping, the Divemaster together with his bunch of snobbish Advanced OWD keep criticizing my dive inadequacy and now he disses my fashion sense too? wtf?

04 June 2009

Mou Han

Self-inflict pain with the above. Need. to. distract. myself. away from the boredom at work & routine of life. ETA 27 June 09
it's gonna be bloody...