08 April 2008

Rage is never a Reason

  • out of control
  • a servant
  • a puppy dog
  • no education
What will you get if you combined all the above?
Have you ever stop and think what impact will it bring; even it’s just mere words? To shout, scream and point accusingly like a crazy man; have you no respect for her?
  1. To call her someone with no education – when she graduated with 2nd upper Hons. degree.
  2. Think of that someone on the streets loafing, high on drugs, whoring – that at least you have a chance to call no education!
  3. To call her a servant and puppy dog – when all she did was on her own free-will
  4. To say she is out of control – when all she did was doing something she is HAPPY doing
  5. To be afraid of what the relatives say – when the relatives did not even contribute to her growing up. And her own cousin dropped out of Uni because she was pregnant! And you’re afraid of relatives’talk?
  6. To ask her what is the meaning of DIGNITY – when she has a band 4 in MUET and has always aced A1 in English?
  7. To say she has abandoned you – when girls of her age are either married or pregnant
  8. To say she has no respect – when she has never once raise her voice nor be rude nor be sarcastic and has obediently paid her expenses?

Life is too short to think about what people would say. Just as long as you’re happy and you’re not breaking the law, don’t stop doing what you like doing – this is what she believes. Stop and look at the bigger picture – realize what she has grown up to be. Realize what she has achieved, what she has learnt.

To accuse her, to blame her, to raise your voice at her – that is just too much for her to swallow. You've gone too far.

06 April 2008

Celebrity Sightings

I am often starstrucked by the slightest appearance of celebrities - yes, even local celebrities. They have a term for people like me; ja kun ;)

By far, those sighted include:

  1. David Beckham at Stadium ..... (damn, I can't remember!) for some Castrol event
  2. Soong Ai Ling at Nirvanas, Bangsar

  3. Asha Gill at Bangsar post office

  4. Nur Fazura at The Street, Curve

  5. Sazzy Falak at MidValley

  6. Pietro at Curve

  7. Denise Keller at Sg Wang plaza
And just yesterday, my latest sighting - Amy Mastura at Nirvanas, Bangsar. I was sitting at the same table with her, her hubby, 2 kids and a maid having banana leaf rice together. Ashamed to say, I went "OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm having banana leaf with Amy!" under my breath.

-Michelle agrees that Amy looks as sweet as peach even in-real-life-

Amazing KL

You don't have to go far to get magnificent views. A scene taken from KLCC on 1st April during the horrible rainstorm that struck.

-Michelle was stuck in a 2hr jam to get back home from Pusat Bandar Damansara-

01 April 2008

BIG-hearted people

“Recently, the group organised its 102nd fundraiser at Guinness Anchor Breweries, which was attended by about 250 people who donated generously to 15-year-old Premeena Balakrishnan who lost her kidneys three years ago.
A sum of RM12,000 was raised for Premeena on that evening amid music and a buffet dinner.” (1 April 2008, NST)

Drink booze all you want and get to help a kid. Cool?
(The kind folks at the recent fund raising event)

-Michelle is proud of her bulat-