31 March 2006

Tornado has struck Spider Sam's home

Psst... I'll let u in on a little secret.

I've been sleeping with insects for the past 2 years.

Now before you think, that I'm Shino's sister or some kind of superhero bug-girl,
I didn't choose to be it this way.

You see, my bed is located directly under the flourescent tube. As days, weeks and months passed, the insect colony seem to be attracted to it brightness. Spiders, black beetles, cocoon kinda worms, ants, flying ants, mosquitoes, brown bugs have all build their bungalows & condominiums there. And they breed too. Oh, they just keep on breeding & breeding & breeding & breeding & breeding ....
Of course, they will be some unlucky anak-anak who might fall off from their nice little homes. And where do they fall to?
On my bed.

Every morning, I will be greeted with either Spider Sam's son / Beetle Brian's daughter / Willy Worm's uncle / Andy Ant's great-grandauntie on my pillow / bolster / blanket / bear.
Amazingly, I've survived from mutating into some kind of human breed insect after all these years.

Up to last night, out of casually, I asked my housemates to help me look for a vacuum cleaner. And, guess what? My housemate has one, right in my own house! All I need to do was to open my bladi mouth. Aiya!

In the end, last night's sleep was the most comfortable, soothing, relaxing, unwinding sleep that I've ever had.

Pui Fun, thank you so much for the vacuum cleaner (",)

29 March 2006

My Best Friend's Obsession

(this post was put up by a bit of force, but nevertheless, I think it's worthwhile)

My bestfriend, Audrey, is a fanatically crazy obsessed fan of Daniel Lee.
Until I terpengaruh to increased my obsession by 50%. Although from Day-1 itself, I like Daniel, but not up to that stage where Audrey is right now.

A quick drop-by at her house to discuss an assignment, ended up a 5-hour stay, watching E-V-E-R-Y picture, clip, song, autographs, CDs of him. Frankly speaking, I'm amazed. Although she didn't beat those so-called pinkies in the Daniel Lee forum, I personally think she has a collection that would make Mr.Daniel himself, give her a hug. Those pinkies are just show-offs anyway. Showing off Daniel eating with me, Daniel's arm on my shoulder, Daniel playing bowling with me ... yada yada yada. (blek)

Anyone who so happened read this post, (if you're going to any ) Daniel roadshow / concert / album launch / meet-the-fans / autograph signing - PLS ASK AUDREY along - as long as anything berkaitan with Daniel, she will like it.

23 March 2006

Stinky Tofu

Smelly tofu or as it is more affectionately called, Chou Dou Fu, is a delicacy only we Chinese know how to appreciate.

I used to see it in TVB serials / Hong Kong movies, never did I realize that we have it here as well.
I took up a challenge. I wan to see what is so famous about tofu that smells like garbage.

A friend said that the chou dou foo stall in Taman Connaught's pasar malam is very famous. Indeed it was. When I arrived, there was a queue about, half a meter at the stall. I mean, seriously, have you ever see a queue at a pasar malam? Queue for about 10mins, finally got my hands into a packet. 4 tofus for $2.40.
Looks like: fried, squarish cubes, drenched with a Lot of chilli sauce, some pickled vege on top
Smells like: garbage / clogged drain / public toilet
Taste like: fried tofu

Verdict: as you bite into the tofu, there will be a squirt of smelly juice released. very spicy because of the sauce (and knowing the fact I don't eat chilli sauce). the pickled vege acts as distraction, so that you won't realised how smelly the squirted juice is.
Conclusion: nothing so great about it. And on top that, you have to bear with the smelly squirted juice. The smell keeps reappearing the each time you burp. Eeeew!

p/s: Chou dou foo is even in Wikipedia.

19 March 2006

The cheating 'paper-lama' man

I am a good-natured person. At least, I don't kill / rob / cheat / smuggle / set fire onto people's house. But being so, does not stop others from being bad.

I was cheated today in broad daylight. And the cheater disguised himself well by smooth talking and bringing a young son.
I'm feeling stupid. Disgusted. Dissappointed. Humiliated. Deceived.

But I believe what comes around, goes around.
One day, this man will pay dearly for his cheating ways. I meant severely.

16 March 2006

Courage is all it takes

I came across an article in The Star today, about the remarkable courage of a girl, and it has changed my perspective in life.

First and foremost, to Hong Siew Hui, you have my utmost admiration and respect. Being merely 18-years-old, you have shown more courage than anyone 10 or 20 years older. Having elephantiasis didn't stop her from carrying on her life, what more achieving good results in her SPM. What amazed me the most, is that she has learned to overcome it and not make her disability as a reason for her to wallow in self-pity.

To quote from her, "
I just live the way I want. I don't care about what others say. What really matters is that I show who I really am through my own abilities."

What is the grievances about job interviews / assignment / exams / final year project / domestic problems / prom dress / morning classes / walking to campus as compared this young girl's?

Disability not stopping girl from pursuing dream

13 March 2006

Bed sheets


Have you ever had the 'clean bed sheet feeling'?

The feeling of soft, smooth, clean bed sheets, still with a lingering smell of softener ...
So soft, so clean, free from dust & bacteria, so calming ...

I just changed my bedsheets and I couldnt wake up this next morning. Not that I can always wake up in the mornings, but on this particular morning, the bed's charm was far too great.

Must be clean bed sheets(!)

07 March 2006

A tribute to Bono

I'm sure everyone would know who's Bono right?
The singer in U2 and also an active social activist. Did you know that he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 for his successful efforts to relieve third world debt and promote AIDS awareness in Africa? A pretty amazing achievement for a celebrity, don't you think?

But of course, I do admire his noble causes, but that's not the topic for today. In our minds, Bono has a westen-cowboy kinda look - rugged and sexy, obsessed with shades - never takes off his glasses and is obviously old.
Yes by the way, he still looks good even for his age.

Did you see him when he was younger? Like in 20-something?

I saw him on MTV the other day, in the "with or without you" video. And oh boy!
He's hot!

Now -Yeah, thats hot!

Then -Wayyy hotter!

06 March 2006

78th Oscar® Glamorama!

now u believe me he's hot?
A time for awards to be presented to the movies you least understand & a time to oogle and drool at beautiful people.
Here, I've compiled a little list of Michelle's best & worst dressed people.

Beautiful women
  • Best Dressed - Jessica Alba: looked like a million bucks in a gold, halter-topped gown with intricate embroidery. Goddess!
  • Worst Dressed - Jennifer Aniston: black + straight hair is so 2004. Dull!

Beautiful men
  • Best Dressed - Heath Ledger. Aaaaahh ...
  • Worst Dressed - sadly no one! Everyone's in a black tuxedo these days.

03 March 2006

SJ girl steps into Mont Kiara

An impromptu get-together with my girlfriends has broaden my horizons about our little Klang valley.

Mont Kiara.
The place of the rich and the very rich. Working women dressed in power suits with their hair neatly coiffed in a bun. Young teenagers in mini skirts with LV bags cluthed in their hands. Ah-moh-lang couples sipping Javanese coffee while surfing on their laptop. Japanese men eating ramen while chit-chatting on the daily stock exchange.

Where exactly am I? A high-class cafe?
I was actually in a 'pasar malam'.

Mont Kiara pasar malam.
So very different with the pasar malam at the back of your house. Rather small, as compared to the usual ones, about as big as Mvalley's central court. The stalls are arranged in a circular manner as opposed to the usual vertical ones. And the price........

The equivalent in Mvalley. Bohemian and Korean skirts/tops range from $49-$89. Clothes there are unique, something that you won't find anywhere, but for the price you pay, it damn very well be unique!
Accesories there are gorgeous too. Ranges from $3-$139.90. So many pretty shiny bling, so many varieties. I fell in love with a beaded necklace- long, glass brown beads, for $27!
Didn't buy-la, so expensive ...
Oh yah. There's even a speciality here. In the whole of Malaysia, it's only available here.

Coconut jelly. Jelly inside a coconut.
Unique huh? Cost?

01 March 2006

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I hate you all.

Your arrogance & indifference pisses me off.

You think you're so bloody smart & high above.

I'm the stupid one. Dumb.

Go on. Continue with your kiasu-ness. Be the number one.

Yeah right. Carry on.

I don't give a shiet. $#@!