28 October 2007

The Way to a Woman's Heart

No, it’s not roses.
No, it’s not pink roses.
No, it’s not 24 pink roses...either...

It’s the entire process flow of ‘getting flowers’.

1) It’s the effort of him calling the florist:

  • Man: Hello? Get me 2 dozen flowers.
  • Florist: What flowers do you want?
  • Man: Just get me any flowers. 2 dozen. Oh no, wait a minute. Get me pink roses. (She likes pink)
2) It’s the effort of him picking up the flowers after a 12-hr shift in the wee hours of the morning.

3) It’s the effort of him driving to her house.

4) It’s the effort of him surprising her with a bouquet of roses at her doorstep.

That’s what a new-age, sensitive, modern, millennium man would do.
That’s what my stranger did =)

02 October 2007

Beyond colors, beyond boundaries

It was a chaotic scene. There were people shouting, people shoving, people rushing.

The din was deafening. ‘Waiter!’, ‘more soup’, ‘bill!’ fills the air.

Peak lunch-hour period in downtown KL on a bright Sunday afternoon. Two strangers were seated among a sea of tourists at a BKT shop. He picks up a piece of meat delicately with chopsticks like a pro while she pokes her kailan with a fork just like any other kid brought up during the raging Fast-Food era.

Here’s the irony:

His dad's name is Santhana. Her dad's name is Lee.

The lady who took their orders muffled a laugh staring at these two weird strangers. In the midst of all the commotion, this scene just did brighten her day a little. “People just get weirder and weirder in this time and age…” she mutters…

Guess the old saying ‘opposites attract’ do hold true. The fact he knows how to use the chopsticks CORRECTLY and she doesn’t, oddly forms an attraction. (Haehehae)