19 August 2007

Why do Man Need Woman?

Men and women alike are in constant search of 3 things:

1. Human touch
2. Communication
3. The need to be needed

We all need the physical touch. And it's not sex I mean. Just like babies have to be cuddled and cooed in their growing stage; we adults alike need the physical touch. We need to cuddle together for warmth and comfort in this cold, selfish world, even if its only for just a moment.

We all need to communicate. To communicate at a stage where you can share something good you did, and the other party won't think you're bragging. The purpose is not to convey information, but just to tell each other "I am here, and I know you are here".

We all need to be needed. If no one needs you, what good are you? Yes, we are needed in many places; at work, in the community, society, but all these are superficial. If you're gone one day, anyone can replace you. But to that one man/woman, you're THE need. We need to be needed to boost our self-esteem to face a brand new day.

adapted from Readers Digest,2000

Fascinating, isn't it?
Now...where is my bolster for warmth & comfort..

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Rajes said...

I'm so jealous of your bolster!!!