03 November 2007

Boleh buka boot?

I've never been stopped by police before. Up until last night, that is. We were on our way home from Eckywoobee and there was a roadblock in front. The policeman signaled us to the side.
(OMG, do I look that drunk?)
  • Police: Selamat malam encik. Boleh buka boot?
Stranger got pulled out from the car to open the boot while the rest of us were asked for our ICs.
(Now, what? They suspect we're hiding drugs in the boot?)
A moment later, stranger came back and this was the gist of it.
  • Stranger: You know what the fella said when I opened the boot? "Ini boot lebih besar laaa. Ini Toyota kann? Berapa harganya?"
  • Stranger: We got pulled over because the police wants to check out my car!!!
All New VIOS. My design. My pride.

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