06 April 2008

Celebrity Sightings

I am often starstrucked by the slightest appearance of celebrities - yes, even local celebrities. They have a term for people like me; ja kun ;)

By far, those sighted include:

  1. David Beckham at Stadium ..... (damn, I can't remember!) for some Castrol event
  2. Soong Ai Ling at Nirvanas, Bangsar

  3. Asha Gill at Bangsar post office

  4. Nur Fazura at The Street, Curve

  5. Sazzy Falak at MidValley

  6. Pietro at Curve

  7. Denise Keller at Sg Wang plaza
And just yesterday, my latest sighting - Amy Mastura at Nirvanas, Bangsar. I was sitting at the same table with her, her hubby, 2 kids and a maid having banana leaf rice together. Ashamed to say, I went "OMG, OMG, OMG, I'm having banana leaf with Amy!" under my breath.

-Michelle agrees that Amy looks as sweet as peach even in-real-life-

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