18 May 2009

Best Things in Life

Some kid named Hilary won an essay competition for penning an article on the matter above. I wonder what would a 17-yr old kid regard as what's best? Not that a 20-something girl would know what is best either...
I tell myself the best things are the ones that make you happy on the inside. No money spent, no effort made:

  1. waking up in DM's arms and then kick him for snoring
  2. finding a pack of Thai fried rice on the table after a horrible long night or should i say wee morning at work
  3. bro helping me to do the dishes
  4. when some Marketing big-shot actually say 'thank u' for the nights I spent designing that damn box
  5. a big bowl of ais kacang with unlimited peanuts! (okay, some money needed here...

*due credit given to ipohwav3 for image

Michelle is sleepy from a dark, gloomy Monday--

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