19 September 2010

Is Man-liness dead?

i made an observation

guys from this part of the world are wussies. sissys. nimpsies. every nice-looking guy i see will be clutching a girl's hand - tall, short, plump, thin, pimply, old, young, smooth, mole-y, naive, slutty, loud, timid, dumb, dumber - girls from the whole spectrum

and i see big, beefy guys clutching tiny ugly-looking handbags while their dumb gfs swing their butts like golf sticks.

sissys. are there no real men here ?

disappointing. i miss my Divemaster, he will show them what a "man" is

Michelle will just adopt a dog -


joyce said...

Roomate!!! Adopt a pug! Very cute wey... :P

The Fish Guy said...

Michelle - I think manliness and/or being a real woman now revolves around a general mind-set. It's a new world, and the old rules don't apply anymore.
However, with most "hard to determine" characteristics of what we call personalities. There's also personal preferences that come into play.
So a man/woman/adult to me means having to realize that life is more than just living for the present, but the future. being able to survive comfortably till then..... is what makes you a man or a woman nowadays. but that's just a thought over coffee with my mates. (yes you blog ends up in coffee conversations in Melbourne, i wonder where in the world mine have ended up?!)

As for your previous comment:
I moved here when I was six.
I'm an apprentice chef now working at a small boutique cafe in the suburbs. what about you?