31 December 2010

What Do You Remember about 2010?

Reubs asked me this a couple of days ago. "2010 was nice to me. I got a niece, I got a new job, I went to Bali, yeah, it was nice..."

Back to me. What do I remember about 2010?

  • I went to live & work abroad, thats major
  • I celebrated my first year break-up by sending an uber, long sensitive email to Divemaster which up till today, I didn't get no reply  
  • I got a few nice tatts, all in hope to forget Divemaster
  • I went to Boracay, where the sand is so fluffy I could die
  • I read 'Tuesday's with Morrie' and am enlightened to cherish what truly matters in life

5 points. Thats all I remember. And 2/5 concerns Divemaster. Not bad in pursuit of recovery?

I came to realization that Kubler Ross 5-stage model isn't really foolproof. I will never reach Level5 (Acceptance) and I realize I will never forget Divemaster. The wounds will never heal. Through time, what is actually happening, I begin to think less of him. Less staring at his pictures, less replaying the wonderful memories, less pretending he's coming back. Lesser and lesser.

That's what I've become. Lesser and lesser of him, More and more of family. Mom, Dad, the spoilt Bro will be the pillars of strength. Every morning, I wake up, I brush my hair, I see their strength inked on my shoulder.

Goodbye 2010, it wasn't such a great year, but it wasn't that bad either. No complains from moi. Hope I'll get to meet some decent-looking guys in 2011 because I'm getting tired of not having anyone to go to movies with! 

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