28 June 2005

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Had this today. Yea...all that jest about fat cheeks & healthier food, I just stuffed my tummy with 600 calories. But had a little compensation, i gulped down chinese tea with that. People say, tea has anti-cancer properties, digestive properties, calming properties, etc etc...Not a good start eh?

Bumped into ADrian at the makan-place. At first - from the corner of my eye, i noticed that there was this guy snooping around behind my table.

Mic: .....(in her heart) " what does he want? tissue or something? "

So i turned around and look. OH MY GOD> ADRIAN Charles!!! For that brief moment, i couldn register who it was, until i saw his HSBC name tag "Adrian Charles" hanging on top of his purple tie. With a goatee & shoulder-length hair, he look so different. Stayed a while to chat - got 1 hour break, came there to makan, claimed he likes the food there, said me & Audrey still look the same. [ what he meant was, we two, still look like budak-budak: young, immature, girly-girl Fifth Formers ] - =)

Well, today was the 1st day since classes started, I woke up early. 9am. Blur & groggy, me changed cincai-ly, literally dragged my sleepy legs to class. Had to walk, mind you. No friend to tumpang. 10am-12pm. 2 hours class. Lecturer's mouth was moving, my eyes was looking at them, but my mind was at home - on my bed, white bedsheet with yellow floral prints with olive green leaves that comes with a matching bolster case -
Wasnt such a great day. Indeed.

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