30 June 2005

No good food day

[Cup noodles]

["bak chang"]
The first one was for breakfast the second, for dinner. Not that I usually eat so unhealthily for breakfast, I had no choice. Got lab at 9am for 3 hours, so I gotta find something filling to suppress embarassing stomach growls. Grrrrrr....Grrrr....
SUPER cup noodles -Tom yam. Springy & filling, but the ajinomoto-laced soup lacked ooomph.The dumpling.... it has been in my fridge for a long time. A couple of weeks. =p It was a kind gesture from a friend, and what can I say? Thank You!Brown glutinous rice wrapped in meat, nuts, and mushroom. Pure Chinese delicacy.

Went swimming yesterday with Aud. She wore a black-checked, criss-cross at the back swimsuit(ooh-la-la) - her waist look like a size 18 but yet, she eats 70% of the day. Ooops~! =p The drama was that, she apparently forgot how to swim, so I had to teach her from basic. Holding your breath, floating.. and mind you - she did some real funny stunts! But Audrey will be Audrey, if no silly stunts, she wont be Audrey, rite? [to whom it may concern: this's the comfort pillow]

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