13 August 2005

Behind hazy eyes

Thursday 11 August

[mocha mud pie]

[Jack Daniels chicken fillet]

[roasted bbq chicken]

[fried mozarella]

[Gold medallist- strawberry+banana+raspberry]

It has been a week since holidays ended and what a great way to welcome me back to Uni than the great national phenomena, H A Z E. The API on Wednesday, 10 August, was more than 300 (which means A Very Unhealthy Level). It was so bad, that Aud said when you look out of the window, it looks like heaven. As a result of our health at dangerous risk, our kind MMU President, officially gave us 2 days off; Thurs & Fri. All lectures, tutorials, labs and midterms are cancelled. In other words,
apa lagi? pi shopping la! Weeee........

Off we went to 1Utama again.
Yup, to make sure I didn miss any great bargains the last time. (",)
Coincedently, Rod & I went to TGIF for dinner. Yet again. Coincedence do happen you know.
I realized that their mocha mud pie dessert is just HEAVENLY! Crispy chocolate fudge wafer on the base, thick creamy chocolate ice cream on the middle note, sweet chocolate syrup on the top note, topped with a sprinkle of almond flakes!

I had to eat until my stomach says, "U put in summore, i'll throw everything back out".

Hmmmmm.......another few more kilos back on my waist.

Managed to find my size of that NOSE shoe which was on 50% discount, here. (Yay!) Couldnt find it at Mvalley the other day.

Brown, pointed top with diagonal velvet stripes, kitten heels; planning to use it for my industrial training.

Remember that WH shop? Yea. Its on SALE now! Certain items are slashed to $9 a piece. Fuh! Rod got himself plenty of shirts. :P
Unfortunately, there arent may $9 clothing for the ladies. So, couldnt get myself plenty too.

Been spending a lot of $$ lately, damn those adverts of the MEGA Sales Carnival.

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