28 July 2005

~1Utama Shopping Experience~

[my tomato basil chicken fetuccini] - notice the very-cute bread ears!

[a closed-up shot]

[Aud's pan fried fish fillet with lemon sauce]

27 July
The Mega Sales has started (runnin into Day 5) 'n' today got no class; apa lagi? pi shopping-la! Weeeeee.....

Off we went, me & Aud to 1Utama-(It's all in one) =). Dressed in flat sandals, I was prepared to do some real Heavy walking. We scanned floor-by-floor, shop-by-shop not wanting to miss any great bargains. Posters of 50% to 70% were plastered outside of most shops. Aaaahhh....what a heavenly sight!

Padini & Vincci- great discounts, MNG- season clearance, a lot of FUNKY clubbing clothes, FCUK- up to 80% discount!, Somerset Bay- 50% off on all those silky, beaded scarfs,aaahhhh....., ELLE- 50% off on exercise outfits (if you're disciplined enough to join Celebrity Fitness, do come here =P), East India- 50% off on summer dresses!

One particular shop, that I particularly like was the WH shop.They sell a variety of beach wear; from assorted colourful floral beach bags to assorted hawaiian spaghetti tops in every colour of the rainbow! W-O-W! A great place to go, if you're heading out to Redang or something. Unfortunately, this shop isn't into the sales carnival bug. Was so so tempted to buy a mini, hot, floral beach shorts, but it was rather expensive. :-<

Another particular shop that I like was Message. Why? Because I fell in love with the cropped jackets that they have! The oh-so-feminine knitted, cropped jackets, with a knitted flower on the left-hand-side, and it comes in the sweetest colour one could imagine; turquoise, candy pink & ocean blue!

Another particular shop that I like, is............................... i forgot the name (",). They sell all kinds of ethnic beaded attire. With all the current-rage, of the Bohemian look, I just fell in love with their gypsy skirt! Oh-so-beautiful! I asked, the salesgirl, how much it was, she replied:

Salesgirl: $110 after discount.

I walked out of the shop with my head bowed down and a glum look on my face. =(

Anyway, after 3 1/2 hours of walking, we decided to have dinner first and also to give our poor legs a rest. Aud wanted to try TGIF, so there it is we went.Waiters n waitresses there are super-friendly! Worth paying them the 10% service charge.The waitress who served us was Leanne, she came, shooked our hands, introduced herself and took our orders. Quite often she came to our table and checked on us, to make sure the food and everything was alright. And as we were leaving, EVERYONE in the restaurant, flashed a big smile and said "Goodbye, please come again" to us. See, how friendly?

After dinner, we shopped some more until 10pm. Where, the shops were officially closed! Hehe.....

*to be continued*

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