14 September 2005

Teapot cafe

Aunt Christine took us to this most amazing little cafe at SS2 over the weekend. It has the ambience of a typical old English-garden atmosphere. In fact, everything here is all English-y.
With a myriad of teapots in all shapes & sizes adorning its wall, country-style cushion sofa chairs, typical English cutlery (where you have different forks for salad, cake and fish) & oldies serenading your ears while tucking into their array of food - a cosy spot for tea-lovers.

Aaahhh....I've not even begun on their food.
They have the Best tea time savouries in their cutest little decorations! Oh, my "syurga"!

The scones.....
That white butter cream that comes with it.....
.*i cannot put it in words |",|.
Their variety of English tea.....*willard, peppermint, darjeeling, earl grey, etc

I'm gonna bring my mum here someday. I'm sure she will love it.
How about you?

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