08 September 2005


[F]inal [Y]ear [P]roject presentation

Scheduled on 7th Sept, Wednesday.
Took almost a week (+) to prepare my slides. Countless consultations with my supervisor and even more countless modification of my slides. Numerous attempts in Google looking for that darn image of NiFe. Spend 2 days memorizing&rehearsing in front of the mirror like a pop-idol wannabe. Received weird stares from my housemates.

7 Sept, Wednesday

10.00am - Arrived in campus in my ironed stripe-shirt + brown slacks +2inch stilletos.

10.30am - Saw another student's presentation.

11.00am - Went to the tentative venue, 1st Floor Meeting Room.

11.15am - Arrival of my supervisor & my groupmates.

11.20am - Presentation scheduled to start. (moderator no where to be seen). Supervisor went out to look for moderator.

11.45am - Supervisor: "
*Pant....pant...The moderator isn't here. I can't find him. Are you all free tomorrow? Can you come and present tomorrow?"

11.47am -
(*contemplating suicide)

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