02 October 2005


2 weeks has passed. 2 long... agonizing weeks.
Yeaps, final exams are finally over.

I just realised that if you study a lot, i mean really a lot, for a continuous stretch of time, your neck will tend to cramp. You know, when you study, you need to tilt your head at a certain angle to face your book right.......yeaps. That was exactly what happened to me. I suffered a neck cramp.

In the midst of answering ma exam questions in the exam hall, i took a break and tilted my head up, and boy, What a loud crackling sound it gave! (*I wonder did that guy behind me heard......) =P
I still feel a little uneasy now at the neck ..... =(
Anyone know any good+affordable neck massagers?

Since the exams are over..........but i'm still here. At my uni. Why you might ask? Got some "stuff" to do, and the "stuff" to do, can only do it next Saturday. I can't go home yet, until I finished doing my "stuff".

In the meantime...... I'm stucked here.

  • All alone. (*everyone has gone home)
  • With nothing to eat. (*did I mention that the food here at my place, is not edible by humans?)
  • With nothing to do. (*did I mention that my exams are over?)

Ai.............. I feel so lonely. I realised that I cannot be lonely. Not that I need someone to talk to me 24/7, I just need someone to be my side. He/She can shut up and mind his own business, at least I know that someone's around me, I'll be fine.

I hate lonliness. The room seems so big. Time seem to pass reaaaaaaaaaaal slow. So sad.........so empty. =(


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