25 January 2010

Hard to Say Goodbye

Do you ever get that heart tug, tummy queasy feeling the each time you say goodbye?

I do. The each time Daddy sees me off as I stepped into a taxi heading to KLIA. I know it's only gonna be a few days - but somehow I always get that jittery uneasiness. Looking out from the window, seeing my aged dad with his out-of-bed hair waving goodbye at the door, it's so hard for me to say goodbye.

Could it be my uber-sentimental Cancerian trait?

Mom came up and said, "you take care ah..."
I looked up and replied, "errr... yes I will. you two enjoy yourselves"

*jittery uneasy tummy queasy feeling

They're coming back in a few days, Michelle.

Michelle can't even bear to think coming March. How does she say goodbye knowing this trip won't just take a few days? Shit...she's gonna cry shit loads at the airport


joyce said...

roomie! Where r u goin?

Chee Tat said...

i tolong u nangis.. wu wu wu..

Xweing said...

Where are you going in March? Hope it will be a new beginning for you...