23 August 2010

Being Happy on your own

" to be dependant on someone's love or happiness is never healthy "

in order to achieve happiness within me - solely by me, i want to:
  1. learn how to cook
  2. travel the world, eat exotic foods, observe strange culture
  3. photo-document my travels
  4. emphasize more on how i look, just so i feel confident looking in the mirror
  5. more reading, less TV
  6. constantly express love to mom, dad & brother that they're everything to me
  7. have the courage one day to delete Divemaster's picture from my phone
michelle forgot how to be genuinely happy on her own -

1 comment:

joyce said...

Roomie! You will surely find happiness within yourself. I really hope you can accomplish all the items you listed down, especially item No.7... gambateh neh!! :)