09 February 2006


I've been MIA for almost 4months!
Was forced to perform my obligatory 12week training before they can actually give me a degree. Training was good & bad. Depends on how u put it. But, being a pessimistic person I am, I was glad that it was all over.

Bad points
- boss was intimidating & demanding & grumpy.
- programming 24/7.
- wake up at 7am everyday!
- lack social life.
- caught behind in so many(!) Lost episodes.

Good point
- my supervisor was cute. and I mean really cute. :)

*Hardships in becoming an engineer, eh?

Anyway, after the gruelling 3months, I'm back in campus for my final semester. I heard a lot about how tough life can be during the final sem, and yes, I do agree.
The pressure and stress can be felt even on the first day of classes itself. Guess, life is not a bed of roses, huh?

In the meantime,
let's maintain our sanity with Low Millions's 'Statue'.

"Without you,
I've been standing 'round like a statue,
laying on the floor thinking about you,
I talkto myself like the crazies do, otherwise I'm great, what about you?....."

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