16 February 2006

Michelle eats @ Jogoya

It was supposed to be a Valentine's dinner @ Shakeys. (He has a fascination for pizzas!)

I didn't want to get caught in with the commercialisation of Valentine's day. In every Valentine, it's like a competition:
  • to compete who gets to go to the most expensive hotel/restaurant, to compete who gets the largest bouquet of flowers, who has the most chocolates and yada yada yada....
But come that day,a sudden change of mind overtook him. By some force of nature, he didn't want Shakeys anymore. He wants some place big & grand. He suggested Jogoya- a newly opened Jap buffet restaurant at Starhill Gallery.
Despite my initial resistance, of not bringing nice clothes to wear, I somehow gave in.
But it was a blessing in disguise.

JO - means a place one has to go
GO - means the palace in which the King lives
YA - means a shop in J
apanese culture

Starters - cold seafood + sushi

This place is the biggest & grandest buffet restaurant that I have ever been to. The place is so big, that I got lost twice! seriously! I kid you not. I didnt know how to get back to my table after taking food.
More sushi

Adorable cawan mushi

They have the most variety of food, literally everything that you want to eat: Japanese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Iranian, Chinese, French, Italian, Indian.
For every dish, let's say soup, they have at least 7 varieties. Then, there's crab, prawn, fish, scallops, squid, chicken, beef, snails, egg, oyster, soba, ramen, vege, cakes, cookies, tarts, ice cream.....
You do the math.

Main course - dainty prawns

Dainty fish

Mini mini steamboat


Their utensils come in the cutest and most adorable sizes too: small floral teapots, tiny square bowls, colourful chinese plates, jogoya-shaped clips, little blue chinese-tea cups, little oval-shaped dessert plates, uniquely-shaped silver steamboat bowl cum hotplate & very very thick absorbent tissue paper. =)

Dessert - choc mousse cake (with fresh strawberries ;)

Ice cream in mini bowls

Oh my. I'm so in love with this place.
I'm saving man,......saving for RM88, till my next visit to the 'king's palace'.

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