11 February 2006

Someone nice

I met someone kind today...

"It was a cold, rainy, dark Friday evening.
Classes has just ended, and poor Michelle was stuck in campus.
Off she went, asking everyone she knows, if they could give her a lift back. Unfortunately, sensing its a Friday, everyone had plans to go boogy.
Feeling dejected & sad, she comforted herself,
'its okay, worst comes to worst, wait for the rain to stop and walk back'.
While looking all gloomy & slumped on the bench, there came a young man,
'i overhead that u needed a ride back rite, come la, i take u back'..... "

The best part is, he wasn't really a close friend. Just a mere acquaintance.
There are kind people out there, huh?

*Larry, this post's 4u. Thanks!*

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