27 July 2009

Evolution of M

The bloody 'mou han' ended up in a bloody 'M' . Some finger-pointing, shouting, screaming, hair-tearing & a shed of tear knocked some sense into me to settle for just a 'M' .

Few days later I begin to realize. M is good. M won't invoke questions that will leave me go errr....ummm... M is universal. M is simple but catchy. M won't deter that cute photographer from asking me out for dinners >:)

Michelle is already planning an inscription:
Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, eventhough its breaking
When there are clouds in the sky,
You'll get by ...
on the back of her neck


Uncle Lee said...

Hi, you just stay easy and keep a song in your heart...
and smile have a pleasant week, Lee.

Chee Tat said...

that's jz a blardy tattoo.. it can't speak

joyce said...

It's M tatoo! Cool! Looks kinda artistic tho :)

Michelle said...

Uncle Lee--
thanks for the kind words.

i know u jealous. scaredy-cat.

hehe! :)

-silvertongue- said...

sorry dear, but what the heck is mou han? :p

Michelle said...

Abang Fiz!
earlier i was plannin on a chinese character tatt, then later realize it just wasnt michelle's style =)

Denise said...

michelle! simon's jier jier...lol
rmb me or not? i like ur tattoo! its simple n nice...where did u get it?

n ....u sound really sad in ur recent posts. hang in there. u will make it trough.