16 August 2009


A stewardess told me, " don't invest anything on a boy. don't put time, don't put hope, don't put feelings. cause the more you invest, the more disappointed you'll be "
that simple yet profound comment opened up my eyes. my heart & my brain. why waste time when the boy clearly hasn't invested anything in you? why waste energy when the boy obviously isn't bothered?

let's keep it at just-friends. friends for benefit. or fuck buddy (if you're wasted enough!) good. let's keep it that way.

women shouldn't give a shit on where he's at, who's he with, when is he coming home, why is he not calling or how many packets have gone missing. because friends won't do all that. friends only care if you're gonna belanja makan or tumpang them. beyond that, the care STOPS.

Girlfriends, take heed. Our hearts deserve much more than heartache & disappointment. Fuck it. Enough is enough.

Michelle is plain tired from it all. She does n0t care whose fucking penang-plate myvi Divemaster is driving

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Chee Tat said...

Boyfriends, take heed. Becareful of your girlfriend.