25 August 2009


It's just another ordinary Monday night. As I sit in my room.

A moment ago, I heard the divemaster's voice for 8:06 - after what seem like an eternity of disappearance. Maybe that's why I can't sleep now. At 1248am, I'm listening to Bitter Heart on repeat, fully wide-awake without any nescafe tarik-influence.

He tells me he will be travelling for the next couple of weeks. To dive in faraway islands where there is no cellular reception - where inhabitants dressed in leaves still communicate using pigeons. To traverse the entire country partying cum promoting our new launch. He tells me to hang in there...


I am lying if I say I don't miss him. Who now is going to scream at me, " DO NOT descend with ur arse first!!! How many blardy times you want me to tell you? *grumble grumble....stupid woman...* " Maybe I should get a dog. I can't - Mom hates pets. Maybe I should get a tamagotchi. I can't - Sipadan used up my entire Aug pay. Maybe I should get a boy toy, toy boy. Do you think chai is interested?

Tonight I'll sleep better. Hopefully - i got 8:06, bloody hell, that's better than a lousy sms!

Michelle only wishes that the Divemaster remembers to call when he's away

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