23 August 2009

LoVe thyself

" when you start to appreciate yourself, when you're able to follow your star, then only will your defenses & fear fall.
by then only you're ready for a man "

Over 21, TheStar, 23 Aug 09

I love myself because I gave myself a full length pedi+mani today. I love myself because I spent an hour lifting weights + skipping rope. I love myself because I pampered myself a warm, fluffy char siew pau. I love myself because I oogled at Ashley Cole's shirtless picture till my saliva formed tasik kenyir.

The divemaster ran away to a faraway island and he doesnt call? Don't matter anymore.

Someone posted a picture of Rod today putting at the driving range. He still looks damn good.


Chee Tat said...

sms tak cukup?

Michelle said...

ct, sms tak cukup. You just sms lye cukup or not?