07 June 2007

From a whisper to a scream

Scene 1
I woke up grumpily by the annoying sound of ti ti ti ti, ti ti ti ti. Groped down the stairs for water. Damn, container’s empty. Didn’t boil water.

Scene 2
In the midst of washing my Milo-stained cup, something caught my eye. Thousands of icky black thingy-ma-jig celebrating, drinking, eating in the dustbin. An ant alone will seem harmless, but when the whole
communities of clans come out to play, Myrmecophobia can happen. Damn, didn’t throw rubbish.

You see the similarities above? All of us are guilty of taking our parents for granted. Seriously. Mom is the one who boils water, Dad throws the rubbish.
Just to clear things up, I’m not a pampered, spoilt, doesn’t lift-a-finger child. I do housework. It’s just at times, I tend to overlooked things; there will always be water, rubbish will be cleared.

People always tell you this, but you inadvertently ignore it, till it hits you wham! I’ve been a good child so far - satisfactory grades, no involvement in drugs or pirated DVDs, be their kuli when out marketing, be their chauffeur, the little luxuries I give, obedient… But good aint enough. I want to be super-duper good. Notice 1 thing I left out from the list of ‘goodness’? Communication. I seldom talk to them. Can’t find anything relevant. 16years ago, I would even tell them that, Rajes’s mom’s cousin’s daughter has a black, spotty white kitten. Rule #5 Who Moved My Cheese: Change. Move with the cheese.

Mom & Dad is coming home tomorrow. And you know what? From now on, I’ll boil water. I’ll throw the rubbish. And I'm gonna tell them about that idiotic moron, black Wira who blatantly cut into my lane today.

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