13 June 2007

Strange wonders

13 June 06
I was in HR Training Room undergoing my induction with a bunch of dumb, fresh-faced, wide-eyed freshies. First time into an actual working environment did overwhelm me a little; the centralized aircon, people rushing around yakking on phones clutching laptops, ‘little’ people in smocks and just to highlight, no one seems friendly. That’s not the point, anyway.
After that day, I’ve never stepped into that training room ever since.

13 June 07
I was in HR Training Room for my Poka-Yoke (pronounce as Po-Ka Yo-Khe) training. All of a sudden, it just hit me, wham! A year later, 365 days after, I stepped back into that same room. What do you call this, er, situation? Fate?

The supposed force, principle or power that predetermines events.

It’s a tiny milestone achievement. Just a tiny little one, where the satisfaction & pride comes from within. I can proudly (or not?) state I have 1yr working experience.
Celebration? Indulge in 4 balls of Mexican tequilla shot chocs without any guilt. Nothing beats the rush of serotonin to the brain.

What changed in a year? Frankly speaking, nothing much, besides:
-womanly curves (I have to accept the damn fact, my derrière won’t go back to Std6 size)
-‘honk-u-back-you SOB’ driving attitude
-able to differentiate between Federal / NKVE / LDP / Kesas / Sg. Besi highway
-have a bit $$ to buy Mom perfume, Dad shirts, Bro Sony PS3 (jeez, small kids nowadays…)
-I have became very acrimonious

Which part are you in now?

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