20 June 2007

Walking dumpling

12.27pm, the pantry

A: Mi-shell, mi-shell… wan ask u something veli serious. Sit down..sit down…
M: What?
A: U actually veli enjoy life or veli stress? (while giving me that look from head to toe, very obviously, indicating my weight gain)
M: I….. I know I’m fat-la.
A: No, no…selious wan…wad happen?
M: I moved back in with my family-ma, previously I stayed alone when I was studying. Now got home cooked food-ma.
A: U look better when u first join lor, I like your student-look. Now u look like, err…like ah sam who found rich husband. Veli hou meng dy, no need pretty pretty herself anymore. Ah sam-look.
M: …………..

(Aaah...the number of ways you can be screwed in)

It’s like a war zone out there, so they say; backbiting, suck up wannabes, hardcore politics…but nobody warn me about ego squashing. And pride trampling.
Forget the cunning hypocrites. It’s the geeky nobodys that you should fear.

Just when I start to believe Mom, that I have womanly curves…

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