03 June 2007

Like a bullet through your brain


I'm feeling acrimonious. After 3 weeks, my state has come to a level of intense feeling of resentment. And all of a sudden, I have these wild thoughts playing in my mind.
  • Caffeine overdose (is it actually possible? how many cups?)
  • How long can someone practise the mambo before her/his legs gets into a nice shade of blue+black?
  • How many trays of carrot muffins can I bake continously before I start looking like a carrot?
  • How many back-to-back episodes of Grey's Anatomy can I watch before my eyes pop out ala Exorcist girl?
  • How did they build Genting's cable car track? Didn't you notice there're nothing but trees all around?
Insanity is slowly creeping in.

1 comment:

Audrey said...

all also i dunno hw to answer...sorry i cant help..ok maybe the last 1..when they build..it was plain tanah..then ppl complain they spoil the environment so they buy trees and add fertilizers and they grew extermely fast n tall to what they r today..for more info u can visit the genting gallery :)