21 October 2009

Betrayal at its Best Form!

the truth is finally revealed.

the secret is out.

my Divemaster dump me for another girl. and he was already WITH that girl even before dumping me.

all i know is the girl has short hair. he opened his mail, showed her picture to all the divers in Mabul and bragged about this is his new girl. and he put on a pitied face, telling them he is going to dump me.

u lied to me straight in my face. i asked u, if there is someone else. u raised ur voice, swear to God and said NO! u said your feelings has faded. u said this is the truth. when i insisited, u raised your voice even louder, and said, "u want me to lie to you and say i have another girl just so u feel better izzit!?"

so i believe what u said.

but u lied to me, Divemaster. u fucking lied to me in my face!

why must he do this? why must he hurt me so cruelly? if he doesnt like me, why court me in the first place? why lead me into love & hope, and move on to another woman? why? how can he do such a thing to me? why must he lie to me? why must he cheat on me?

words dont do justice to the pain i am feeling. i feel hurt & betrayed. my heart is broken, trampled again and again. bit by bit, i find out his nasty secrets he did.

am i not good enough? i dont make him happy enough?

i am crying in sorrow here, while he is having fancy dinners with his new girl. calling her at late at night, wishing her lovey good nights - which was exactly what he did for me few months back.

u're a player. and u are so good in ur tactics - u introduced me to your Mom, brought me into your circle of friends, spread the word in Marketing, spend time & effort grooming me into a diver, shower me with love & attention, took me for romantic holidays, make me laugh with ur silly antics... i didnt catch any flaws. i trusted u completely. i gave u my heart.

u did far too much to be a player. but u ARE a player. a real, damn, professional player.

my heart aches in so much agony. i dont know what to do anymore - i can't carry on living. the man of my life killed me, far worse than any psychopathic serial murderers.

what did Michelle do to deserve such inhumane treatment?

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