14 October 2009

i saw my Divemaster!

i met my Divemaster. i saw my Divemaster. face-to-face for 3 secs. it's the first time i saw him ever since he said goodbye and walked away from me at the airport.

i took great pains to not create "opportunities" to bump into him at office. hence, i survived until today. i was gawd-damn sure Divemaster isn't in the office today. he is supposed to be out for training.

so i braved up and went up! to his floor. the MARKETING floor. i was confident - he's not around, i won't see him. i followedly went in to the room for my healthscreen test. bla bla bla.... the doc told me to exercise more...and he was checking my blood pressure...

SUDDENLY, Divemaster stuck his head in front of me and said, "hey michelle". his familiar Chanel scent wafted into my nose. i mumbled "hey" and quickly look away.

i was shocked. surprised. dumbfounded. then reality started to sink in. that familiar face brought back heaps of memories like tornado. within that 3 sec of his head stuck in front of me, i deduced an image:
  • wearing a green Black Menthol shirt
  • his usual Chanel scent
  • tall guy in Oakleys
  • still that same farking good-looking guy i fell in love with

hurry up. hurry up! take my damn blood pressure quickly! why so long.... my mind was in a whuzz. my heart was pounding fast. i quickly ran out of the room immediately after, without turning to look at him, without looking anywhere. my eyes was ONLY focused at the exit. fark, i didnt even finish my healthscreen test.

i ran into the toilet, hid myself and cried. i dont know why i did, but i cant stop.

Michelle saw her Divemaster again. But seeing him this time wont end in hugs & kisses.

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