31 March 2006

Tornado has struck Spider Sam's home

Psst... I'll let u in on a little secret.

I've been sleeping with insects for the past 2 years.

Now before you think, that I'm Shino's sister or some kind of superhero bug-girl,
I didn't choose to be it this way.

You see, my bed is located directly under the flourescent tube. As days, weeks and months passed, the insect colony seem to be attracted to it brightness. Spiders, black beetles, cocoon kinda worms, ants, flying ants, mosquitoes, brown bugs have all build their bungalows & condominiums there. And they breed too. Oh, they just keep on breeding & breeding & breeding & breeding & breeding ....
Of course, they will be some unlucky anak-anak who might fall off from their nice little homes. And where do they fall to?
On my bed.

Every morning, I will be greeted with either Spider Sam's son / Beetle Brian's daughter / Willy Worm's uncle / Andy Ant's great-grandauntie on my pillow / bolster / blanket / bear.
Amazingly, I've survived from mutating into some kind of human breed insect after all these years.

Up to last night, out of casually, I asked my housemates to help me look for a vacuum cleaner. And, guess what? My housemate has one, right in my own house! All I need to do was to open my bladi mouth. Aiya!

In the end, last night's sleep was the most comfortable, soothing, relaxing, unwinding sleep that I've ever had.

Pui Fun, thank you so much for the vacuum cleaner (",)


crazysocket said...

damn shit.. use vacuum when i was not at home :(( i oso wan vacum my place :((

-michie- said...

suruh kau balik cepat-cepat, tak nak...