23 March 2006

Stinky Tofu

Smelly tofu or as it is more affectionately called, Chou Dou Fu, is a delicacy only we Chinese know how to appreciate.

I used to see it in TVB serials / Hong Kong movies, never did I realize that we have it here as well.
I took up a challenge. I wan to see what is so famous about tofu that smells like garbage.

A friend said that the chou dou foo stall in Taman Connaught's pasar malam is very famous. Indeed it was. When I arrived, there was a queue about, half a meter at the stall. I mean, seriously, have you ever see a queue at a pasar malam? Queue for about 10mins, finally got my hands into a packet. 4 tofus for $2.40.
Looks like: fried, squarish cubes, drenched with a Lot of chilli sauce, some pickled vege on top
Smells like: garbage / clogged drain / public toilet
Taste like: fried tofu

Verdict: as you bite into the tofu, there will be a squirt of smelly juice released. very spicy because of the sauce (and knowing the fact I don't eat chilli sauce). the pickled vege acts as distraction, so that you won't realised how smelly the squirted juice is.
Conclusion: nothing so great about it. And on top that, you have to bear with the smelly squirted juice. The smell keeps reappearing the each time you burp. Eeeew!

p/s: Chou dou foo is even in Wikipedia.

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