06 March 2006

78th Oscar® Glamorama!

now u believe me he's hot?
A time for awards to be presented to the movies you least understand & a time to oogle and drool at beautiful people.
Here, I've compiled a little list of Michelle's best & worst dressed people.

Beautiful women
  • Best Dressed - Jessica Alba: looked like a million bucks in a gold, halter-topped gown with intricate embroidery. Goddess!
  • Worst Dressed - Jennifer Aniston: black + straight hair is so 2004. Dull!

Beautiful men
  • Best Dressed - Heath Ledger. Aaaaahh ...
  • Worst Dressed - sadly no one! Everyone's in a black tuxedo these days.


crazysocket said...

since when u got chance to become oscar committee?

-michie- said...

this is call freedom of speech.