29 March 2006

My Best Friend's Obsession

(this post was put up by a bit of force, but nevertheless, I think it's worthwhile)

My bestfriend, Audrey, is a fanatically crazy obsessed fan of Daniel Lee.
Until I terpengaruh to increased my obsession by 50%. Although from Day-1 itself, I like Daniel, but not up to that stage where Audrey is right now.

A quick drop-by at her house to discuss an assignment, ended up a 5-hour stay, watching E-V-E-R-Y picture, clip, song, autographs, CDs of him. Frankly speaking, I'm amazed. Although she didn't beat those so-called pinkies in the Daniel Lee forum, I personally think she has a collection that would make Mr.Daniel himself, give her a hug. Those pinkies are just show-offs anyway. Showing off Daniel eating with me, Daniel's arm on my shoulder, Daniel playing bowling with me ... yada yada yada. (blek)

Anyone who so happened read this post, (if you're going to any ) Daniel roadshow / concert / album launch / meet-the-fans / autograph signing - PLS ASK AUDREY along - as long as anything berkaitan with Daniel, she will like it.


AudRey said...

Hi dearie..thank u for the lovely post..hehehe...i would say its very well written..but u could have added more spice by putting pictures of daniel prehaps *wink *wink
If u dun hav any, just tell me:D

-michie- said...