03 March 2006

SJ girl steps into Mont Kiara

An impromptu get-together with my girlfriends has broaden my horizons about our little Klang valley.

Mont Kiara.
The place of the rich and the very rich. Working women dressed in power suits with their hair neatly coiffed in a bun. Young teenagers in mini skirts with LV bags cluthed in their hands. Ah-moh-lang couples sipping Javanese coffee while surfing on their laptop. Japanese men eating ramen while chit-chatting on the daily stock exchange.

Where exactly am I? A high-class cafe?
I was actually in a 'pasar malam'.

Mont Kiara pasar malam.
So very different with the pasar malam at the back of your house. Rather small, as compared to the usual ones, about as big as Mvalley's central court. The stalls are arranged in a circular manner as opposed to the usual vertical ones. And the price........

The equivalent in Mvalley. Bohemian and Korean skirts/tops range from $49-$89. Clothes there are unique, something that you won't find anywhere, but for the price you pay, it damn very well be unique!
Accesories there are gorgeous too. Ranges from $3-$139.90. So many pretty shiny bling, so many varieties. I fell in love with a beaded necklace- long, glass brown beads, for $27!
Didn't buy-la, so expensive ...
Oh yah. There's even a speciality here. In the whole of Malaysia, it's only available here.

Coconut jelly. Jelly inside a coconut.
Unique huh? Cost?


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