03 April 2006

Michelle eats @ Bumbu Bali

Did you know that the area opposite Puchong Giant, is so developed & happening that it resembles Taipan?
Yea, who knows rite? It's so deserted and unstrategically located. Anyway, gotta give credit to this guy-la, he intro-ed that place to me, and yea, I have to admit this time he is more hap than me. Click here.
We saw this very uniquely-decorated place at a corner lot. Try imagine quaint umbrellas, teak chairs, figurines of Buddha, shiny twirling hanging things, wooden bowls & plates, artistic pictures and spurts of cold air added to that effect.
Of course, we are all attracted to nice things, so makan here-lo!
Bumbu Bali's speciality : sate lilit
Mixture of seafood & some other meat, wrapped on a serai stalk instead of the conventional sate stick.
Taste something different, a little spicy and the meat is totally infused with serai. Lovely!

Bumbu Bali's special concotion: Ais campur something

Sweet & milky kinda drink, mixed with cubed watermelon+honeydew at the base note, cubed nangka at the middle note and sago+sliced banana+pickled coconut at the top note.

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