09 April 2006

G O A L !

It was a beautiful game of football between United and Arsenal tonight.
Can you believe United has 16 shots on-target ? That will be enough to keep you on the edge of your seats!

But the highlight of the game, was definitely the goal by Park ji Sung. At the 78th minute, aided by Rooney, Park skillfully steered the ball to victory. It was a momentous moment. Everyone was celebrating. I was jumping. Moreover, the winning goal came from an Asian.

What I wan to highlight here is, when Park was substituted by Evra for a more defensive tactic, almost 70 000 people stood up in honour of him. The camera focused on the crowd - 70 000 people, standing up and clapping. So surreal.
At that moment, I had this weird but happy kinda feeling in me. I was proud. Honoured and estacticly joyous. To be proud that I am an Asian, and be proud that an Asian can command the respect & salute from 70 000 mat-sallehs.

Football is wonderful. It cuts across all boundaries; cultures, religions and races.
Joga bonito.

Park, you're my man.

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