21 April 2006

The 4 Men in my life

Dedicated to the ones I simply adore.

1. Josh Harnett
I first saw him in Pearl Harbour and ever since, I've never managed to let go off him. His eyes, oh his eyes. Piercing & mesmerizing. And what beautiful abs.
What's disappointing: Currently dating Britain's Most Beautiful Woman, Scarlett Johansson.

2. Heath Ledger
My first time watching him in Casanova has really charmed my heart out of me. Such a manly jaw-line, and yes, piercing eyes as well. Though watching him in Brokeback Mountain, kissing Jake, has got me a little queasy. But thats what they call professionalism in acting, aight?
What's disappointing: Engaged to Michelle Williams and a daddy to a beautiful daughter.

3. Tony Leung Chiu Wai
I have been idolizing him since I was just 2-inches tall. But I personally think, his years of age is making him even more irresistable. Eeee... his moustache makes him so yau yeng! And not to forget, he's a brillant actor. Watching him in Infernal Affairs has caused me many sleepless nights! He totally deserved the best actor award for that. What's disappointing: Dating Carina Lau for gawd-knows-how-long.

4. Donnie Yen
As a little girl, I used to watch him in kung-fu flicks, hee-yaking and hai-yaking, flying all over the place. Never really noticed him though... up until now. =)
Watching him in Seven Swords + SPL has got me oooh-ing and waaah-ing. Oooh so man! Waah so yau yeng. A quick search on google tells me he has great abs as well. hehe. He has the same martial arts background as Jet Li, is way way way more good-looking, has a body that Usher can be jealous of, and I wonder why he didn't make it big as Jet?
What's disappointing: Married and a father to a couple of kids.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, totaly agree with what you said!!!...donnie is so yao ying. i only notice him in SPL...i have the same feeling as you...oo ohhh...hahahaha......

bet you dont know hu am i...hehehe
an ex mmu student, voonmin's frenz,songqing...remember?