08 April 2006


oh my oh my!
Audrey spoke to Daniel Lee online! Can you imagine? Speaking to your idol?
Eeek! Jealous.

Audrey is the 1 in black ink. Amethyst6218. Daniel is the 1 in green, of course. I purposely pick this part of conversation, cos Daniel said 'i love you' to her.
Aaaaww ...

How I wish if I have the exact same chance to speak to Heath Ledger.
Aaaahhhh ....

1 comment:

AudRey said...

awww...i missed this post earlier..
i didnt think u would put it up..
Sorry i made u jealous..coz it wasnt my intention u no. I rather make the other fans jealous. I wan u to share my happiness instead :)
Daniel Lee...ahh..im on cloud 9 again!hee hee